Eugene B. Meyer, President

Leonard A. Leo, Executive Vice President

Lee Liberman Otis, Senior Vice President & Director, Faculty Division


  • Cynthia Searcy, Vice President & Director
  • Katelynd Mahoney, Associate Director
  • Brigid Hasson, Grants Administrator

Faculty Division

International Affairs

  • Paul Zimmerman, Deputy Director

Lawyers Chapters

  • Lisa Budzynski Ezell, Vice President & Director
  • Gianna Burkhardt, Assistant Director
  • Sarah Landeene, Assistant Director


Online Education & Other Digital Projects

  • Tyler Lowe, Director
  • Joanmarie Davoli, Digital Education Specialist
  • Daniel Richards, Digital Media Strategist

Practice Groups


  • Katie McClendon, Director

External Relations

Student Division

  • Austin Lipari, Deputy Director
  • Kate Beer Alcantara, Associate Director 
  • Caroline Moore, Director of Alumni Relations & Assistant Director, Student Division

Administration and Support Staff

Independent Contractors