Inaugural Fed Soc Lawyers Chapter Lunch

Reno Lawyers Chapter Tuesday, July 18, 12:00 PMMcDonald Carano
100 W. Liberty St., #1000
Reno, NV 89501


  • Randy Barnett, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory, Georgetown University Law Professor
  • Adam Paul Laxalt, Attorney General, Nevada

The Role of the Attorney General: Returning to Tradition

Chicago Lawyers Chapter Tuesday, July 18, 11:45 AMPetterino's
150 N. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60601


  • Judge Alberto R. Gonzales, Dean and Doyle Rogers Distinguished Professor of Law, Belmont University and 80th Attorney General of the United States (2005-2007)

Improving the Use of Science in Regulation

Administrative Law & Regulation and Environmental Law & Property Rights Practice Group Teleforum Thursday, June 29, 02:00 PMFederalist Society Teleforum Conference Call

Regulations intended to address public health and environmental risks depend heavily on scientific information. Yet, they are often the subject of heated debate, involving accusations of “politicized science,” “advocacy science,” and “junk science.” Susan Dudley will discuss her forthcoming paper with Marcus Peacock that explores the motivations and institutional incentives that have led to this acrimony. The paper illustrates the problem with a case study of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards issued under the Clean Air Act, and offers recommendations for improving how science is used to inform regulatory policy.


  • Hon. Susan E. Dudley, Director, Regulatory Studies Center and Distinguished Professor of Practice, The George Washington University

Summer Happy Hour with David Lat

Minnesota Lawyers Chapter Monday, June 26, 05:00 PMKieran's Irish Pub
85 N. 6th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55402


  • David Lat, Founder and Managing Editor of Above the Law