Internet Issues

Bitcoin: Competitive Currency

Short video featuring Max Raskin
Max Raskin March 30, 2017

Can Bitcoin compete with other currencies around the world? Max Raskin, Research Fellow at the Institute for Judicial Administration at the New York University School of Law, discusses legal tender laws and the monopoly powers they give to central banks - and possible benefits that a virtual currency could provide to developing countries. 

Regulating Rideshare: The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Short video on the Sharing Economy
January 05, 2017

The “Sharing Economy” is a complex phenomenon that has disrupted industries and transformed how we live and work, but experts can’t even agree on what to call it. Lawyers, public policy experts, academics and workers weigh in to define this dynamic phenomenon and to discuss legal and regulatory issues that emerge as these platforms play an increasingly role in our society. 

Free Speech and the Internet

Short video featuring Brett Shumate
Brett A. Shumate December 12, 2016

Do Internet Service Providers have a right to edit our Internet access? Brett Shumate, Partner at Wiley Rein LLP discusses the role of broadband providers in allowing free speech online. Do broadband providers stifle speech by curating content or do they have a first amendment right to engage in editorial discretion?