CISPA and Civil Liberties

The Richmond Lawyers Chapter
Start : Tuesday, June 25, 2013 12:00 PM
End : Tuesday, June 25, 2013 01:00 PM

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Sun Trust Building, Tidewater Room (4th Floor)
919 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219


  • Chip Muir, Adjunct Professor of Law at Washington & Lee University; Former Computer Crime Prosecutor for the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia

Mr. Chip Muir is a former computer crime prosecutor for the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia and has been an adjunct professor of law at Washington & Lee University where he teaches a seminar on cyber crimes.

Over the past few years, computer hackers from around the world have spied on American businesses and government officials, stolen research and development, and committed distributed denial of service attacks that have effectively shut down commercial websites and cost businesses untold revenues. CISPA is a Congressional cyber security bill designed to facilitate the sharing of cyber threat information between the federal government and private corporations in order to protect their computer networks and cyber infrastructure. But the well-intentioned bill, and the others that came before it, have caused alarm with civil liberties groups because of the amount of personal information that will be collected and distributed by the federal government.

Mr. Muir's lecture will provide an overview of the cyber threat, a history of the recently attempted cyber security legislation, an explanation of how CISPA works, what civil liberties face some degree of erosion, and what may be done to protect those liberties while still rendering an effective bill to protect the backbone of our economy and the infrastructure that relies upon the Internet.

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