The Battle of Athens & the Second Amendment, a Doomsday Provision

The Mobile Lawyers Chapter
Start : Tuesday, February 19, 2013 05:30 PM
End : Tuesday, February 19, 2013 07:30 PM

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  • Matt Green, The Law Office of Matt Green, LLC

What happens when a government abandons its respect for the constitution, its respect for the rule of law and order? What rightful remedy do the people have? What rights should they have? Is this what Judge Kozinksi meant by the value of the Second Amendment lays in its check against tyranny and oppression? Is this an instance where the Second Amendment is indeed a "doomsday provision," as he references in his dissent in Silveira v. Lockyer. Or is this just treason plain and simple?

As troubling and as far fetched as such a scenario may seem, this is exactly the dilemma citizens (many of whom were just returned G.I.'s from the Pacific and European theaters of WWII) from Athens, TN faced that fateful summer of 1946. Come join us for the lessons of Athens, in "the last certifiable armed engagement between citizens and their government on American soil. (Dan Bailey, The Battle of Athens, History Channel Club).

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