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Magna Carta at 800

Portland Lawyers Chapter Friday, May 29, 08:00 AMMark O. Hatfield Courthouse,
Jury Assembly Room
1000 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

The Magna Carta, one of the founding documents of our constitutional system and of the modern concept of liberty, turns 800 this year. We have gathered an outstanding group of judges, attorneys, and scholars to commemorate the “Great Charter” with a diverse and exciting program.

Topics to be discussed include the Magna Carta and the American jury trial, the Magna Carta in popular culture, use of the Magna Carta in modern litigation, women and law in the age of the Magna Carta, and a look at 1215 and its aftermath in England. We’ll conclude the day with an open discussion and question session with our speakers.  View the full program, below.

Register today and bring your interests, questions, and “Happy 800th Birthday” cards (small joke - neither cards nor gifts expected) to our unique Magna Carta at 800 continuing legal education program on May 29, 2015. 

May 2015 DC Luncheon with Mark Brnovich

Washington, DC Lawyers Chapter Friday, May 29, 12:00 PMTony Cheng's Restaurant
619 H St NW
Washington, DC 20007
Mark Brnovich

Join us on May 29 for the Washington, DC Lawyers Chapter Luncheon featuring Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich as he discusses the topic of "The Battle between the States and the Federal Government". The cost is $15 for members of the Society and $20 for non-members. [Register now!]

Justice Mark Massa Indiana Supreme Court

Indianapolis Lawyers Chapter Tuesday, June 09, 12:00 PMConrad Indianapolis
50 West Washington
Indianapolis, IN 46204


  • Justice Mark Massa, Indiana Supreme Court

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