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Intellectual Property and First Principles

Hosted by The Federalist Society’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and The Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies Wednesday, February 10, 11:00 AMCato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Conservatives and libertarians are sometimes divided on the question of whether intellectual property is really property, and how much protection it deserves. On one hand, intellectual property is a product of mixing labor with material in the public domain, and it’s freely alienable, able to be bought, sold, licensed, or used as the owner sees fit. On this view, intellectual property is a bedrock natural right, central to economic and personal freedom, which the United States Constitution empowers Congress to protect. The contrary position, taken by some libertarians, views intellectual property as a government-conferred right that encourages political rent-seeking, restricts liberty, and thwarts innovation. Please join us as our panel of experts debates who has the better of the argument.


  • Mr. Eli Dourado, Director, Technology Policy Program, Mercatus Center, George Mason University
  • Prof. Richard A. Epstein, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, New York University Law School
  • Mr. Jim Harper, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
  • Mr. Randolph J. May, President, The Free State Foundation and Co-Author, The Constitutional Foundations of Intellectual Property
  • Moderator: Dr. Roger Pilon, Director, Center for Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute

Breakfast with Ben Ginsberg

DC Young Lawyers Chapter Thursday, February 11, 08:00 AMThe Federalist Society National Office
1776 I St. NW #300
Washington, DC 20006


  • Ben Ginsberg, Partner, Jones Day

Breakfast with Mike Carvin

DC Young Lawyers Chapter Tuesday, February 16, 08:00 AMThe Federalist Society National Office
1776 I St. NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006


  • Mike Carvin, Partner, Jones Day

Arkansas & U.S. Supreme Court Sessions: A Sneak Peek

Northwest Arkansas Lawyers Chapter Tuesday, February 16, 05:30 PMUniversity of Arkansas School of Law
342 Waterman Hall
Fayetteville, AR 72701


  • Lee Rudofsky,  Solicitor General of the  State of Arkansas - Will give a preview of the  Arkansas Supreme Court
  • Misha Tseytlin, the first Solicitor  General of the State of  Wisconsin - Will give a  preview of the US  Supreme Court

Arkansas & U.S. Supreme Court Sessions: A Sneak Peek

Little Rock Lawyers Chapter Wednesday, February 17, 11:30 AMThe Arkansas Bar Center
2224 Cottondale Lane
Little Rock, AR


  • Lee Rudofsky,  Solicitor General of the State of  Arkansas - Will  give a preview of the  Arkansas Supreme Court
  • Misha Tseytlin, the Solicitor  General of the State of  Wisconsin - Will give a preview of the US  Supreme Court

Everything Old Is New Again - Summary Judgment in Tennessee

Nashville Lawyers Chapter Thursday, February 18, 11:45 AMThe Law Offices of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
Nashville City Center
511 Union Street, Suite 2700
Nashville, TN 37219


  • Andrée Blumstein - Tennessee Solicitor General 

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