Pros and Cons: Our Criminal Justice System at Work

Criminal Law & Procedure Practice Group Teleforum, co-sponsored by The Constitution Project Tuesday, November 24, 2015 03:00 PMFederalist Society Teleforum Conference Call

Our panelists will discuss the criminal justice system generally, and the role of the prosecutor in particular.  Some argue that, with the weight of the state and its resources on one side, including a deep book of potential crimes, the deck is unfairly stacked against criminal defendants.  Others argue that police and prosecutors act in good faith, and credit them with incapacitating career criminals, trimming recidivism, and causing a plunge in national crime statistics.  Who has the better of the argument?


  • Hon. Alex Kozinski, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • Prof. William G. Otis, Georgetown University Law Center

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal

New York University Student Chapter Monday, November 23, 2015 12:00 AMNew York, NY 10012


  • Michael Mukasey, former Attorney General of the United States

Tax Reform Alternatives for the 21st Century

Virginia Student Chapter Friday, November 20, 2015 12:00 AMCharlottesville, VA 22903


  • Becky Norton Dunlop, The Heritage Foundation
  • Rep. Rob Woodall, Congressman from Georgia's 7th District
  • Professor George Yin, Virginia Law
  • Scott Hodge, The Tax Foundation
  • Professor Mary Margaret Frank, University of Virginia, (Moderator)

Resolved: The Second Amendment Protects The Individual's Right to Own and Carry a Gun

Chicago Lawyers Chapter Thursday, November 19, 2015 06:00 PMChicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602


  • Professor Michael O'Shea, Professor of Law, Oklahoma City University School of Law
  • Professor Carl T. Bogus, Professor of Law, Roger Williams University School of Law


  • Jeffrey Rosen, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Constitution Center

Should Non-Citizens “Count” For Redistricting?

Columbus Lawyers Chapter Thursday, November 19, 2015 12:00 PMThe Athletic Club of Columbus
136 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215


  • Hans Von Spakovsky, Former FEC Commissioner, Fox News Contributor, Senior Legal Fellow, Heritage Foundation Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

  • Professor Mark Brown, Capital University Law School, Newton D. Baker/Baker and Hostetler Chair of Law