Benjamin Barr

Counsel, Wyoming Liberty Group

Benjamin Barr focuses his practice on the development of innovative strategies for the recovery of constitutional liberties. He is the lead attorney in the ongoing Free Speech v. FEC litigation and successfully litigated Carey v. FEC. The Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, recently relied on much of Barr's amicus brief in DeLay v. Texas to reverse earlier judgments and fully acquit DeLay.

In his past, Barr served as an associate with James Bopp, Jr. and litigated election law challenges across the United States. He also served as a Senior Fellow with the Goldwater Institute and as special counsel to two chairmen of the Federal Election Commission. The Supreme Court has cited his work in the area of First Amendment jurisprudence and he is the co-author of a forthcoming law review article on the import of anonymous political speech in the University of Wyoming Law Review.

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