Prof. Cary Coglianese

Edward B. Shils Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Cary Coglianese specializes in the study of regulation and regulatory processes, with a particular emphasis on the empirical evaluation of alternative regulatory strategies and the role of conflict and cooperation in business-government relations. His recent books include:Import Safety: Regulatory Governance in the Global Economy; Regulation and Regulatory Processes(Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2009 (with Adam Finkel & David Zaring))andLeveraging the Private Sector: Management-Based Strategies for Improving Environmental Performance(Johns Hopkins Univ. Press/Resources for the Future Press, 2006 (with Jennifer Nash)). He has also recently written on climate change policy, public participation and transparency in federal rulemaking, and voluntary environmental programs. Coglianese was a founding editor of the peer-reviewed journalRegulation & Governance.

Publications and Multimedia