Hon. Deborah J. Daniels

Partner, Krieg DeVault LLP

Deborah Daniels, former U.S. Attorney and U.S. Assistant Attorney General, has lengthy experience in criminal and civil investigations and public safety.  Her work has included responsibilities at the U.S. Department of Justice directly related to the nation’s response to the September 11th attack on the U.S., data and communications interoperability, and the nation's ability to detect, prevent and respond to future terrorist acts.  Ms. Daniels provides counsel to the firm’s public and private sector clients in matters affecting public safety, homeland security, disaster preparedness, leveraging of federal and state resources, federal and state regulatory compliance and internal investigations.  She assists the firm’s clients in interacting with agencies of the federal government, including both the Executive Branch and the U.S. Congress, and advises clients ranging from government agencies to health care providers to other private sector entities on compliance and public policy matters.

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