Prof. Jennifer Spreng

Associate Professor of Law, Arizona Summit Law School

Jennifer Spreng joined the faculty of Arizona Summit Law School in 2006 and teaches courses in civil procedure, civil litigation, constitutional law and bankruptcy.

Professor Spreng came to legal education after nine years as a bankruptcy and civil litigation attorney in Owensboro, Kentucky.  Before practice, Professor Spreng served as a clerk to both the Honorable Andrew J. Kleinfeld of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the Honorable F.A. Little, Jr. of the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.?

Professor Spreng's scholarly work regularly appears in juried publications such as the American Bankruptcy Law Journal, Issues in Law and Medicine and the Socio-Legal Review, as well as other leading law reviews, professional journals and popular media.?

Professor Spreng is the author of Abortion and Divorce Law in Ireland (2003) as well as a book-length pair of articles about pharmacists' religious liberties; and another oft-cited pair about splitting the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Her article, Scenes from the Southside: A Desegregation Drama in Five Acts, is included in several civil rights history archives and was a partial inspiration for a PBS documentary.Professor Spreng is committed to expanding her expertise in the theory and practice of legal education.  Her It's All About the People series explores the problem of hierarchy in legal education and law with the solution of civic learning communities for urban law schools.  Her students star in her many articles about law school teaching and are already cast in a book-in-progress about her own teaching experiences.  She has made presentations at multiple respected law teaching conferences.

Prior to law school, Professor Spreng was Executive Assistant to the House Wednesday Group, a legislative service organization of the United States Congress, where she assisted a welfare reform project led by Congressman Vin Weber that formed part of the foundation for the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996 and she published a white paper about state welfare reforms.????

  • J.D., St. Louis Law School

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