Joy Brighton

Author, Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else

Joy Brighton is a former Wall Street trader who today is part of an international team of experts concerned abotu the non-transparen risks of the Shariah Islamic Finance investment market. She speaks with legal, policy, grass roots, and legislative leaders who are concerned about the challenge to America's national security, civil and women's rights, First Amendment freedoms, and free capital financial markets posed by Shariaism, the political movement of radical Islam. She is the author of Shariaism is Here: The Battle for Control of Women and Everyone Else, released January 2014.

Ms. Brighton is a graduate of Columbia Business School, and has been a fixed-income salesperson and trader for Lehman Borthers, a mortgage pipeline hedge trade for Chase Home Mortgage, and an adjuct Professor of Securites and Investments at Fairleigh Dickenson University and Ramapo College. Later, as a graduate of Fordham University with a Masters in Psychological Counseling, Ms. Brighton worked as an executive coach catering to investment professionals, and a college mental health counselar.

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