Prof. Keith Sharfman

Associate Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law

Keith Sharfman earned a B.A. in economics and international relations from Johns Hopkins University and a J.D. from the University of Chicago. Following law school, he clerked for Judge Frank Easterbrook of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and then was an associate at Latham & Watkins in New York. Before joining the Rutgers-Newark faculty, he was Visiting Assistant Professor of Law and John M. Olin Fellow at Cornell Law School.

Professor Sharfman's scholarship was recognized in 2004 with his appointment as Philip Shuchman Scholar and in 2006 with his selection as an American Bankruptcy Law Journal Fellow by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. His publications include "Contractual Valuation Mechanisms and Corporate Law," 2 Virginia Law & Business Review 53 (2007);   "The Law and Economics of Hoarding," 19 Loyola Consumer Law Review 179 (2006); "Judicial Valuation Behavior: Some Evidence from Bankruptcy," 32 Florida State University Law Review 387 (2005); "Derivative Suits in Bankruptcy," 10 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 1 (2004) (lead article); "Creditor(s' Committee) Derivative Suits: A Reply to Professor Bussel," 10 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 38 (2004); "Valuation Averaging: A New Procedure for Resolving Valuation Disputes," 88 Minnesota Law Review 357 (2003) [reprinted at 19-2 Commercial Damages Reporter 1 (2004)]; "Is It Ever Too Late for Innocence?," 64 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 263 (2003) (with George C. Thomas et al.); "The First Economic Analyst of Law?," 6 Green Bag 2d 99 (2002); "The Economic Expert Witness," 3 Green Bag 2d 297 (2000) (with Merton H. Miller); and "Regulating Cyberactivity Disclosures: A Contractarian Approach," 1996 University of Chicago Legal Forum 639.

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