Ken Boehm

Chairman, National Legal Policy Center
Ken Boehm co-founded the National Legal and Policy Center in 1991 and now serves as full-time Chairman. Prior to 1994, Mr. Boehm served as Counsel to the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation, the federal program which ostensively provides legal assistance to the poor. Long active in both legal and conservative organizations, Mr. Boehm’s professional background includes service as a prosecutor, Administrative Assistant to Congressman Christopher Smith (R-NJ), and as Chairman of Citizens for Reagan. His Washington background includes service as Legislative Director of Howard Jarvis’ American Tax Reduction Movement as well as being treasurer of one of the ten largest political action committees. In 1997, Boehm authored the Burton Amendment which became law. It requires the Legal Services Corporation and its grantees for the first time to disclose the identities of the parties they sue. In addition to his legal career, he spent five years as an award winning radio talk show host on Philadelphia’s WWDB. His broadcasting experience includes being a commentator on National Public Radio and guest interviews on more than 500 radio and TV programs.

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