Hon. Orrin Hatch

United States Senator, Utah
Orrin Hatch

Three strong traits serve as the hallmark of Orrin Hatch's life: service, hard work and perseverance. These qualities have guided him throughout his service in the United States Senate representing the state of Utah and fighting for the ideals that define the state and its people.

Senator Hatch's core values were learned at the knee of his father, a hard working metal lather, and his mother, a devout woman who encouraged her son's appetite for learning and giving service to others, and his spirit of patriotism for our country.

Always striving to protect the principles of limited government, lower taxes, less federal spending, and integrity in public service, Hatch has been a leader in developing strong legislation that works in such key areas as: balancing the budget; tax reform, improving health care services for Utah's families, and protecting our lands while opening the way for energy and natural resource development.

In a political era of sound bites and rhetoric—Senator Hatch has built a record of service few can match. He has fought and won many important legislative battles that have impacted the lives of every American.

Senator Hatch has always been one of the leading proponents of tax relief believing the tax burden on families and businesses remains too high. He is currently working to bring some sanity to our tax code through simplification and lower rates, and separate this effort from deficit reduction. Believing in true fiscal responsibility, he has also been a consistent leader in the fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment so that the federal government has to do what American families do every day—live within its means.

As the first member of Congress to raise constitutional concerns with the constitutionality of the individual mandate in ObamaCare, Senator Hatch continues to fight to repeal this unconstitutional law that will cost the American people $2.6 trillion dollars.

Hatch has led the confirmations for Supreme Court Justices: Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts and was one of the principal defenders of Robert Bork and fought the filibuster of President Bush's appellate court nominees.

From his first days in the Senate, Hatch established himself as one of the leading anti-union advocates, defeating nationwide unionization under Jimmy Carter, and blocking anti-Democratic "Card Check" legislation. He has been a consistent supporter of the Right to Life; Israel's right to defend itself against hostile neighbors bent on its destruction and has always opposed amnesty, voting against it even when it meant going against Ronald Reagan and when President Bush pushed Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

While Senator Hatch is proud of his Senate accomplishments and his work to protect family values, his greatest "family value" is his wonderful wife Elaine and his six children, 23 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Calling his family his greatest blessing, Hatch hopes his work in the Senate will benefit all Utah and American families by creating opportunities for success and protecting our freedoms.

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