Prof. Ryan Abbott

Associate Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School

Combining his training in law and medicine, Ryan Abbott has served as a consultant on health care policy and regulation, intellectual property, health care financing, and clinical research design for international organizations, academic institutions and private enterprises including the World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization and University of California, Los Angeles. A licensed physician, attorney, patent agent and acupuncturist, he has considerable experience in the fields of public health, food and drug law, as well as technology transfer and development. Beginning with the Fall 2012 academic year, he brings that expertise to the Southwestern faculty.

After earning both his undergraduate and Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine degrees, summa cum laude, Professor Abbott went on to complete his M.D. degree at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, where he received the Weiss Medical Research Scholarship for research in Preventive Medicine. He also pursued his law degree at Yale Law School, where he was Editor and Submissions Editor of Yale Journal of Law and Technology and Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics, and the recipient of the Kirby Simon Fellowship for International Human Rights Work.

Just prior to joining Southwestern, Professor Abbott was a Resident Physician in Internal Medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and recently served as Director of Research and Project Management at Nova Worldwide Consulting, a firm specializing in technical assistance and advice to governments and international organizations on the design and implementation of legislation and programs with respect to international trade, industrial development and intellectual property rights, and as Principal Investigator of biomedical research studies at UCLA.

Professor Abbott enjoys sharing his experience with his students. "As someone with a background in both law and medicine, I hope to provide students with a multidisciplinary approach to considering the complex issues they will face as attorneys," Professor Abbott explains. "This will help students to consider client issues from a variety of perspectives. Health care law is an important subject for lawyers; health care spending now makes up more than 18 percent of GDP, and a growing number of attorneys are finding health care related employment."

Professor Abbott has published widely on issues associated with health care law and intellectual property protection in legal, medical and scientific peer-reviewed journals. His current research is in the field of Bioinformatics, focused on the intellectual property implications of innovations related to human biological processes.

  • B.S., summa cum laude, highest departmental honors, college honors, Integrative Medical Theory, 2005, University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.T.O.M., summa cum laude, 2005, Emperor's College
  • M.D., 2011, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
  • J.D., 2011, Yale Law School

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