Walter Kamiat

Associate General Counsel, Service Employees International Union

Walter Kamiat is currently Associate General Counsel of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a position he has held since 2004.  He is SEIU’s principal counsel in the home care area, where the SEIU represents over one half million workers.  He also is active in the SEIU’s appellate litigation program, including its amicus practice before the Supreme Court and the federal appellate courts.  Mr. Kamiat assisted in preparing DC Circuit and Fourth Circuit amicus briefs defending the NLRB Posting Rule.

In 2008, Mr. Kamiat served on the Obama Administration’s Labor Department Transition Team, performing the agency review of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Commission.

Prior to working at the SEIU, Mr. Kamiat had almost 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of positions involving labor law and labor-relations institutions.  These included serving as counsel to the AFL-CIO Investment Program, a multi-billion dollar union-sponsored pension investment program investing in urban housing and economic development projects (1997-2004), as Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law School, teaching and writing in labor and employment law (1994-1997), as Associate General Counsel of the AFL-CIO (1988-1994), principally focusing on Supreme Court and appellate litigation, and as an associate at Bredhoff & Kaiser in Washington, DC (1986-1988), principally representing union, employees, and labor sponsored benefit funds.   

Mr. Kamiat is a graduate of Stanford Law School, where he was President of the Stanford Law Review.  He was a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (1984-1985) and to DC Circuit Judge J. Skelly Wright (1983-1984).

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