2015 Student Symposium
2015 Annual Student Symposium - "Law and Innovation" University of Chicago Law School - February 20-21, 2015
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Since its creation, the Student Division of the Federalist Society has played an integral role on law school campuses. Through its numerous conferences, programs, and publications, the Student Division seeks to accomplish three principal goals: READ MORE
2015 Faculty Division Summer Conference for Students Interested in Academia

The Federalist Society’s James Kent Summer Academy is a new program for students and recent graduates who demonstrate strong potential for being leaders among a future generation of legal scholars.  Participants will have an opportunity to engage in academic discourse, to learn about an academic career track, to deepen their understanding of key ideas about the law, the founding period, originalism, religious liberty, and markets and the law, and to receive some personalized career planning and publishing guidance.

The Academy will take place in early August in Annapolis, MD.  This all-expenses-paid conference will include seminar-style sessions guided by a group of leading faculty, informational sessions and workshops for professional development, and the opportunity to connect to a community of talented students and scholars.  Participants will also receive invitations to ongoing events and academic and professional development resources throughout the year.

The program is intended for students and recent graduates, including prospective or current clerks, with a serious interest in an academic career, who would contribute to the intellectual diversity of the legal academy, and who are beginning to develop their legal scholarship.  Applicants should possess strong academic qualifications.

Civil Rights and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups Podcast

Numerous states have passed voter identification laws, and the Supreme Court has permitted them to remain in effect. Nonetheless, voter ID remains a highly controversial issue. Former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese III discussed voter fraud and the importance of voter ID laws and answered audience questions on a live Teleforum conference call.

  • Hon. Edwin Meese III, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, The Heritage Foundation
Environmental Law & Property Rights Practice Group Podcast

On January 9, 2015, the Nebraska Supreme Court held that the law dictating the potential path of the Keystone XL pipeline through the state was not unconstitutional. President Obama previously cited the pending lawsuit as a reason to delay making an approval decision on the controversial pipeline project. Nebraska’s former Deputy Attorney General Katie Spohn argued the case, and she joined a Teleforum conference call to discuss the decision and potential upcoming Keystone XL litigation.

  • Katie Spohn, Partner, Bruning Law Group, LLC
  • Moderator: J. Tyler Ward II, Member, Environmental Law & Property Rights Practice Group Executive Committee
SCOTUScast 1-29-15 featuring Erik Zimmerman

On January 21, 2015, the Supreme Court decided Gelboim v. Bank of America Corporation. This case concerns whether and in what circumstances the dismissal of all claims in one civil action that had been consolidated with other cases for pre-trial purposes, in a Multi-District Litigation proceeding, is final and immediately appealable? 

In an opinion by Justice Ginsburg, the Court held unanimously that a lower court order dismissing petitioners' case in its entirety removed petitioners from the consolidated multidistrict litigation proceeding, thereby triggering their statutory right to appeal. The judgment of the Second Circuit was reversed and the case remanded. 

To discuss the case, we have Erik Zimmerman, who is an Olin-Searle-Smith Fellow and Constitutional Law Center Fellow at Stanford Law School.

Pennsylvania Student Chapter


  • Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute
  • Jordan Lorence, Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Professor Sarah Gordon, Pennsylvania Law
  • Professor Robert Field, Drexel Law
  • Hadley Arkes, James Wilson Institute
  • Brendan Morrissey, Wiley Rein LLP 
  • Professor Allison Hayward, George Mason Law
  • Jennifer Clarke, Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia
  • Charles Stimson, Heritage Foundation
  • Professor David Rudovsky, Pennsylvania Law
  • Professor Stephanos Bibas, Pennsylvania Law, (Moderator)
  • Jerry H. Goldfeder, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, LLP, (Moderator)