Federalism and Interstate Competition - Event Audio/Video

2011 Annual Student Symposium


9:00 a.m.
Panel II: Federalism and Interstate Competition

This panel will assess American federalism as a competitive institution that offers a marketplace of state regulatory regimes. With the recession impacting some states more heavily than others, it is time to ask whether interstate competition is good for the nation. Should state-by-state approaches to issues such as healthcare, financial regulation, environmental protection, and same-sex marriage be encouraged? Does competition among the states lead to the best outcome or a race to the bottom? How will events such as the recent recession and healthcare reform impact the marketplace of state regulation? 

  • Prof. Jonathan Adler, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
  • Prof. Clayton Gillette, New York University School of Law
  • Prof. John McGinnis, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Prof. Louis Michael Seidman, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Moderator: Hon. Gregory G. Katsas, Partner, Jones Day
  • Introduction: Miss Lauren Prieb, Speakers and Panels Vice Chair, University of Virginia Federalist Society

University of Virginia School of Law
Charlottesville, VA

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