Roundtable on Judicial Deference v. Judicial Engagement - Event Audio/Video

15th Annual Faculty Conference

The Federalist Society's Facutly Division hosted this roundtable discussion on "Judicial Deference v. Judicial Engagement" on Friday, January 4, 2013, during the 15th Annual Faculty Conference. Prof. John O. McGinnis opened the conference with a few words on Judge Robert Bork.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Location: Bacchus Room

  • Prof. John O. McGinnis, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Introduction: Hon. Lee Liberman Otis, Senior Vice President & Faculty Division Director

Panel 1: Roundtable on Judicial Deference v. Judicial Engagement
Location: Bacchus Room

  • Prof. Elizabeth Price Foley, Florida International University College of Law
  • Prof. Chrisopher Green, University of Mississippi School of Law
  • Prof. Joshua Hawley, University of Missouri School of Law
  • Prof. Lee Strang, University of Toledo College of Law
  • Moderator: Randy Barnett, Georgetown University Law Center

Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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