What Are We Learning About For-Profit Education? - Podcast

Administrative Law & Regulation Practice Group Podcast
Featuring Lucas Townsend
February 07, 2017

During the Obama administration, the Department of Education promulgated a host of rules aimed specifically at for-profit educational institutions, which enroll over a million students. For instance, the Obama Department of Education has required for-profit schools to show that graduates are spending less than 20% of their postgraduate discretionary incomes on student loan repayment as a condition of for-profit schools’ continued eligibility for federal financial aid dollars. Another rule threatens to make it substantially easier for graduates of for-profit schools to demand student loan forgiveness. Now that President Trump has taken office, will his administration change course on these regulations? What are the options if his administration wishes to do so, and how feasible are they for the sector?

Lucas Townsend, a partner at Gibson Dunn with substantial experience litigating agency challenges, surveyed some of the most significant regulations. He discussed options for the Trump administration or Congress to withdraw or alter these actions.


  • Lucas Townsend, Partner, Gibson Dunn