Bitcoin: How Should Judges Deal with New Currency?

Short video featuring Max Raskin
Max Raskin February 23, 2017

Is Bitcoin property or currency in a court of law? Max Raskin, Research Fellow at the Institute for Judicial Administration at NYU Law, discusses how Bitcoin fits into our laws and what it means for the future of virtual currency jurisprudence.

Labor Issues in the Sharing Economy

Short video on the Sharing Economy
February 09, 2017

The sharing economy is changing the nature of work, yet it doesn’t fit clearly within laws governing labor and employment. In this short documentary, policy experts, lawyers, and sharing economy workers weigh in on the debate over "contractors v. employees" and what kind of protections workers need in this new economy.

The Great Debate

Short Video
February 02, 2017

What is the proper role of the Supreme Court in our constitutional government? In 1985, Attorney General Ed Meese sparked a debate over the role of the Court. With this week’s nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, the debate continues.

Extraterrestrial Property Rights

Short video featuring Glenn Reynolds
Glenn Reynolds January 25, 2017

Can you own a piece of property on a different planet?  Professor Glenn Reynolds of the University of Tennessee College of Law explains the basis of property rights on Mars and other celestial bodies, including how such rights would be recognized by the United States government.

Lee v. Tam: “Disparaging” Trademarks & the First Amendment

Short video featuring John Shu
John Shu January 17, 2017

Can the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) deny a trademark to a group with an offensive name - or does the First Amendment invalidate the provision of trademark law under which the denial was made?  Attorney and legal commentator John Shu explains the dispute between the PTO and an Asian-American rock band seeking to trademark the name “The Slants” in the case Lee v. Tam.  The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on January 18th.