The American IP System

Short video featuring Adam Mossoff
Adam Mossoff June 15, 2016

Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, gives a brief overview of the United States' intellectual property system. He discusses the United States' innovative manner of treating patents and trademarks as property rights. He also explains how the United States has influenced many modern countries' approaches.

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Is having only 8 Supreme Court Justices a problem?

Short video featuring Steven Calabresi
Steven G. Calabresi June 10, 2016

Steven G. Calabresi, Professor of Law at Northwestern University, discusses the number of Justices who sit on the Supreme Court. He contrasts our current Court of nine Justices with earlier periods in US history, international Courts, and state Supreme Courts. He also explains what happens when a case gets a 4-4 vote.

iPhones & the "All Writs Act"

Short video featuring Paul Rosenzweig
Paul Rosenzweig June 03, 2016

Paul Rosenzweig, Professorial Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University, explains the core issues in Apple's recent legal battle with the FBI.

John Jay: The Reluctant Revolutionary

Short video featuring Walter Stahr
Walter Stahr April 29, 2016

Historian Walter Stahr discusses the life of Founding Father John Jay and his role in forming our nation.  Stahr is the author of John Jay: Founding Father.