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Federalist Society Review, Volume 18
Jeremy B. Rosen, Felix Shafir December 15, 2016
censored speech

Jeremy Rosen and Felix Shafir discuss different types of state anti-SLAPP laws and argue that federal anti-SLAPP legislation would help to improve the legal landscape for free speech by offering a backstop for targets of speech-suppressing litigation. [Read Now]

Federalist Society Review, Volume 17, Issue 3

Katie McClendon December 08, 2016

We are pleased to bring you the latest issue of the Federalist Society Review. The Federalist Society Review is the legal journal produced by the Federalist Society’s Practice Groups. The Review was formerly known as Engage, and although the name has changed, it still features top-notch scholarship on important legal and public policy issues from some of the best legal minds in the country.

The Review is published three times a year, thanks to the hard work of our fifteen Practice Group Executive Committees and authors who volunteer their time and expertise. The Review seeks to contribute to the marketplace of ideas in a way that is collegial, accessible, intelligent, and original. Articles and full issues are available on our website and through the Westlaw database. 

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