Annual Report 2015

Eugene B. Meyer April 27, 2016

The Federalist Society had a great 2015, as our many events, excellent publications, generous donors, and steady finances show. Take a look at the Federalist Society's 2015 Annual Report for a glimpse of what we accomplished last year, and join us as we continue our great work in 2016. [Read Now]

The Federalist Paper, Spring 2016

Katie McClendon April 05, 2016

We are pleased to bring you the Spring 2016 issue of The Federalist Paper. Inside, we highlight some of our most exciting programs and publications from the past few months, including the 2015 National Lawyers Convention, the 2016 National Student Symposium, and the Annual Faculty Conference. See inside for photos of these and other great events, for members profiles, and for a tribute to the late Justice Scalia. [Read Now]

Immigration Restrictions & the Constitution [FedSoc 5]

Transcript from short video featuring John Eastman and Ilya Somin
John C. Eastman, Ilya Somin April 01, 2016

A quick wrap-up of the immigration debate between Professors John Eastman and Ilya Somin from our 2016 National Student Symposium. 

Immigration restrictions keep millions of people stuck in impoverished countries – preventing them from improving their lives by moving somewhere else. However, some restrictions are clearly necessary to protect national security. And many say that our current laws do not go anywhere near far enough, arguing that additional restrictions are needed to prevent wage depression and the overburdening of our already-strained safety net. One way or another, immigration restrictions have an enormous impact on poverty, both domestically and abroad. But are such restrictions constitutional? This debate will address that question, along with the complex policy issues involved with the topic.

  • Prof. John Eastman, Henry Salvatori Professor of Law & Community Service, Chapman University School of Law
  • Prof. Ilya Somin, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

Federalist Society Review, Volume 17, Issue 1

Katie McClendon March 31, 2016

We are pleased to bring you the latest issue of the Federalist Society Review. The Federalist Society Review is the legal journal produced by the Federalist Society’s Practice Groups. The Review was formerly known as Engage, and although the name has changed, it still features top-notch scholarship on important legal and public policy issues from some of the best legal minds in the country. [Read Now]