Annual Report 2016

Eugene B. Meyer April 28, 2017

2016 was a great year for the Federalist Society, as our many events, excellent publications, generous donors, and steady finances show. Take a look at the Federalist Society's 2016 Annual Report for a glimpse of what we accomplished last year, and join us as we continue our great work in 2017. [Read Now]

When a Pastor’s House Is a Church Home: Why the Parsonage Allowance Is Desirable Under the Establishment Clause

Federalist Society Review, Volume 18
Hannah C. Smith, Daniel Benson April 25, 2017

Hannah Smith and Daniel Benson discuss the parsonage allowance, whereby the value of a minister’s home is exempted from federal income tax. It argues that the allowance is constitutional under the Establishment Clause, and indeed desirable pursuant to important Establishment Clause values. [Read Now]