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2006 NLC Address - Haley Barbour

May 3, 2007

David M. McIntosh, Haley Barbour

David McIntosh: This morning, I have the pleasure of introducing a very good friend, and in many ways a mentor. When I was a young man working in the Reagan White House for the first President Bush, I would seek his counsel as various thorny issues and fighting with the bureaucracy would come up. His advice was always wise. He went on to be selected Chairman of the Republican Party, and in 1994 thanks to him and the efforts of many people and the voters back in my home state I was selected to serve in Congress in that tidal wave. I’ve been thinking, as I’ve been mulling over what to say in this introduction, that perhaps we ought to draft him to come back to Washington and help us figure out once again how to get back to that majority....

Haley Barbour - 2006 NLC Address  

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