Campaign Finance Reform in the Supreme Court: Selections from the 2003 National Lawyers Convention

By Kenneth W. Starr
April 08, 2004
MR. POTTER: Thank you very much, Judge. It’s a pleasure to be here. I recognize the context of this discussion. I understand that not everybody in the room is already sold on the virtues of BCRA. I don’t know how it is that Ken Starr talks me into these settings where I feel slightly as if I’m about to be scalped. But I will do my best nonetheless to raise some questions on your mind that might upset whatever certainties you have that this law is facially a bad idea. I personally think the founding fathers would be appalled by the soft money system that has led to this law, so that’s probably a good place to start. What I’d like to do is lay out for you initially and briefly what it is that the Supreme Court has before it now by way of a description of the system, the evidence of corruption, and the arguments before it....