Conservative & Libertarian Legal Scholarship: Annotated Bibliography

Table of Contents
June 19, 2014

The Faculty Division presents this comprehensive update of our Annotated Bibliography of Conservative and Libertarian Legal Scholarship. Our annotated bibliography is an easy-to-use resource for law students and aspiring legal scholars, collecting the key works by conservative and libertarian scholars across a wide range of subject areas. If you seek a quick introduction to the major thinkers in any discipline, check out the bibliography:


Table of Contents


I. The Common Law Foundation: General

II. Property

III. Contracts

IV. Torts

V. Constitutional Law

VI. Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice

VII. Antitrust Law

VIII. Civil Procedure

IX. Commercial & Bankruptcy Law

X. Corporate Law

XI. Criminal Law & Procedure

XII. Environmental Law

XIII. Family Law

XIV. Federal Courts

XV. Intellectual Property

XVI. International Law & Transactions

XVII. Jurisprudence

XVIII. Labor & Employment Law

XIX. Legal Profession

XX. Legislation

XXI. Securities Law

XXII. Taxation

XXIII. Telecommunications

XXIV. Trusts & Estates