Does IP Harm or Help Developing Countries?

Introduction: My name is Bruce Lehman. I’m at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. I’m also the chairman of the International Intellectual Property Institute, an organization that works with developing countries to help them develop an intellectual property system for their own economic growth and development. I’ve been involved in this business in one way or another for about 30 years; probably my biggest claim to fame is that during the 1990s I was Assistant Secretary of Commerce and the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks. During that time, my offi ce really oversaw the intellectual property diplomacy that led to the treaties now in
existence requiring, for the most part, all countries of the world, including developing countries, to have patent, trademark, and copyright systems virtually identical to what we have known for many years in the United States and other developing countries. Th is continues to be a very controversial topic in trade negotiations and in other contexts....