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Minority Religious Communities at Risk - Event Audio/Video

Religious Liberties Practice Group and The First Freedom Center

June 15, 2011

Randolph Marshall Bell, Thomas F. Farr, Tad Stahnke, William L. Saunders

The following audio and video were recorded on June 15, 2011.


Minority Religious Communities at Risk 6-15-11
Running Time: 01:28:21
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Minority Religious Communities at RiskMany commentators assert that there is no better measure of the human rights climate in any country than the treatment its authorities accord their minority religious communities. These small, sometimes ancient, sometimes immigrant, sometimes newly converted communities are the “canaries in the coal mine” of human rights. Attempting to exercise the freedoms of the individual human conscience guaranteed in universally recognized international covenants, Egyptian Copts, Venezuelan Jews, Ahmadiyya Muslims, Pentecostal Christians, Bahai, humanist non-believers, and numerous others in many lands suffer imprisonment, intimidation, denial of sustenance and employment, and death. Conflicts arise over the treatment of minorities: conflict prevention and conflict resolution often turn upon the credible redress of their grievances. Our panel of experts will discuss these and other issues.


  • Hon. Randolph Marshall Bell, President, First Freedom Center
  • Prof. Thomas F. Farr, Director, Religious Freedom Project, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Georgetown University
  • Mr. Tad Stahnke, Director of Policy and Programs, Human Rights First
  • Moderator: Mr. William L. Saunders, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs, Americans United for Life

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