2006 BKO Memorial Lecture - Dick Cheney

May 3, 2007

Eugene B. Meyer, Richard B. Cheney

Introduction: Good evening. I’m Eugene Meyer, President of the Federalist Society. And welcome to the sixth annual Barbara Olson Lecture. Despite its brief history, this has been quite an illustrious lecture series. It started with an unforgettable talk by Ted Olson on his late wife and what it means to be an American. We are honored to have here tonight Ted and Lady Olsen. Last year, Judge Randolph delivered a truly memorable lecture on Judge Friendly’s neverpublished draft opinion on abortion two years before Roe. In between were lectures by Judge Kenneth Starr, Judge Bork, and Justice Scalia. All those who preceded the Vice President to this platform had known Barbara well, personally. Th e Vice President did not know her as well, yet it would be hard to find a more appropriate person to deliver the Barbara Olson lecture....

Dick Cheney - 2006 NLC BKO Address