Net Neutrality: Battle of the Titans

May 3, 2007

Christopher S. Yoo, David M. McIntosh, Paul Misener, William P. Barr

Introduction: I’m David McIntosh, a partner at Mayer Brown. I’ll be the moderator for today’s panel on Net  Neutrality and the future of that issue. I want to give you a little bit of background. As you know, in the 109th Congress, there was a large, long effort to bring telecom deregulation bills forward. Towards the end of that effort last year, the issue of Net Neutrality surfaced as the major stumbling block for that deregulatory effort. In the House, there were amendments to bring Net neutrality as part of the Bill that were defeated. In the Senate, it was still being negotiated, and incrementally diff erent versions of Net neutrality were included in the Bill that Senator Stevens had worked in his commerce committee....

2006 NLC Telecomm Panel