Supreme Court Update: June 20 Decisions - Podcast

Practice Groups Podcast

June 27, 2013

Erik S. Jaffe, Andrew J. Pincus, Christian Corrigan

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  Supreme Court Update: June 20 Decisions - MP3
Running Time: 00:57:06

Supreme Court Update: June 20 Decisions - PodcastOn June 20, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down two important decisions that are covered in this practice group podcast. In American Express v. Italian Colours Restaurant, the Court continued to clarify the law at the intersection of arbitration and class action. US AID v. OSI concerns government and speech. On this previously recorded conference call, our experts explain each case, discuss their implications, and answer questions from callers.


  • Mr. Erik Jaffe, Sole Practitioner, Erik S. Jaffe, PC
  • Mr. Andrew J. Pincus, Partner, Mayer Brown LLP
  • Moderator: Mr. Christian Corrigan, Director of Publications, The Federalist Society

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