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SCOTUScast 6-17-09 featuring Stephen McAllister

Van de Kamp v. Goldstein

June 17, 2009

Stephen R. McAllister

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 SCOTUScast 6-17-09 featuring Stephen McAllister - MP3
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On Monday, January 26, the Supreme Court announced its decision in Van de Kamp v. Goldstein. In this case, the Supreme Court considered whether supervising prosecutors are protected by absolute immunity from liability for purportedly improper training, supervising, or policy-making. In a unanimous decision delivered by Justice Breyer, the Court held that the petitioners were so protected by absolute immunity, thus reversing the Ninth Circuit decision below. Kansas Solicitor General Stephen McAllister discusses the decision.


Oral Argument - November 5, 2008:


Decision - January 26, 2009:



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