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SCOTUScast 6-23-09 featuring David Stras

Iraq v. Beaty

June 23, 2009

David Stras

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 SCOTUScast 6-23-09 featuring David Stras - MP3
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On Monday, June 8, the Supreme Court announced its decision in Iraq v. Beaty. In this case, the Supreme Court considered whether the now-repealed state sponsor of terrorism exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 gives American courts jurisdiction to hear cases against the Republic of Iraq involving alleged misdeeds of the Saddam Hussein regime. In a unanimous decision delivered by Justice Scalia, the Court held that the Republic of Iraq is no longer subject to suit in federal court, reversing the DC Circuit decision below. University of Minnesota Law Professor David Stras discusses the decision.


Oral Argument - April 20, 2009:


Decision - June 8, 2009:


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