The ABA and the American Jury System

July 03, 2008
During the ABA’s Midyear Meeting, the House of Delegates will consider Recommendation 113, which urges the Association to adopt the ABA Principles Relating to Juries and Jury Trials. The recommendations stem from ABA President Robert Grey’s initiative on the American jury system. To draw attention to the jury system and to study any reforms needed to improve the system, two separate projects were formally launched in August at the 2004
ABA Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The first, the Commission on the American Jury, “is an outreach effort to highlight the great democratic tradition of trial by jury.” The goal “is to promote appreciation of our prized American jury system, and thereby to encourage participation by the public and reform by the Bar and the Courts.” The project highlights the history of the jury system, its legal importance, and the responsibility of Americans to participate when called to serve on a jury...