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Administrative Law & Regulation Practice Group Podcast

October 7, 2013

Christopher C. DeMuth, Eileen O'Connor, Dean A. Reuter

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  The Bucks Start Here - MP3
Running Time: 1:01:43

Christopher DeMuthIn his recent essay for the Claremont Review of Books, “The Bucks Start Here,” Christopher DeMuth asserts a relationship between the growth of executive government and the growth of government debt. Mr. DeMuth spoke to a Teleforum audience about the article, with Eileen O’Connor, former Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice, joining to offer her comments.


  • Hon. Christopher DeMuth, Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Hon. Eileen O'Connor, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Moderator: Dean Reuter, Vice President and Director of Practice Groups, The Federalist Society

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