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Town of Greece v. Galloway - Post-Argument SCOTUScast

SCOTUScast 11-20-13 featuring Kim Colby

November 20, 2013

Kim Colby

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Town of Greece v. Galloway - Post-Argument SCOTUScast - MP3
Running Time: 00:22:32

Kim ColbyOn November 6, 2013, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Town of Greece v. Galloway. The question in the case is whether the practice of opening a town meeting with prayer violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment despite the fact that no particular faith was given preferential treatment in the selection of persons to offer the prayers and notwithstanding the absence of forbidden exploitation of the prayer opportunity.

To discuss the case, we have Kim Colby, who is Senior Counsel for the Christian Legal Society.

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