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Young Legal Scholars Paper Presentations - Event Audio/Video

January 8, 2010

Miriam Baer, Theodore H. Frank, Marie Gryphon, Jason Mazzone, Jonathan F. Mitchell, Neomi Rao, Richard A. Epstein, Nita Farahany

12th Annual Faculty Conference 

The following audio and video were recorded on January 8, 2010.


Young Legal Scholars Paper Presentations 1-8-10
Running Time: 01:35:12
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[video Videos 1-9 on YouTube]

5:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.
Location: Bacchus Room
Young Legal Scholars Paper Presentations

  • Prof. Miriam Baer, Brooklyn Law School
    “Cooperation’s Cost”
  • Mr. Theodore Frank, Center for Class Action Fairness & Marie Gryphon, Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy
    “Negotiating in the Shadow of ‘Bad Faith’ Refusal to Settle: A Game Theory Model of Medical Malpractice Pre-Trial Settlements and Insurance Limits”
  • Prof. Jason Mazzone, Brooklyn Law School
    “When the Supreme Court is not Supreme”
  • Prof. Jonathan Mitchell, George Mason University School of Law
    “Reconsidering Murdock: The Supreme Court’s Power to Reverse a State Supreme Court Solely on State-Law Grounds”
  • Prof. Neomi Rao, George Mason University School of Law
    “Three Concepts of Dignity”
  • Commenter: Prof. Richard Epstein, University of Chicago Law School/ New York University Law School
  • Moderator: Prof. Nita Farahany, Vanderbilt University Law School

Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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