Multimedia from Past Federalist Society Events 2010

Event Audio/VideoThis podcast series contains audio and video files of Federalist Society panel discussions, debates, addresses, and other events related to law and public policy. 





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Date Event Title
12/16/2010 Regulation of the Internet  audio  video
12/9/2010 Does the U.S. Constitution Require Same-Sex Marriage?  audio  video
12/9/2010 Changing the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Has the Time Come?  audio  video
11/18/2010 - 11/20/2010 2010 National Lawyers Convention - "Controlling Government: The Framers, the Tea Parties and the Constitution"  audio  video
11/11/2010 The Supreme Court and the Nature of Man  audio  video
11/4/2010 Affirmative Action  audio 
11/4/2010 The Public Pension Crisis: Legal Updates on the Challenges and Potential Solutions for the City of San Diego  audio  video
10/28/2010 The Impact of Judicial Activism on the Moral Character of Citizens  audio  video
10/13/2010 Forced Unionism and the 1st Amendment  audio  video
10/12/2010 Citizens United: The Future of Campaign Finance and Political Speech  audio  video
10/6/2010 Do We Trust Judges Too Much? Did the Framers?  audio  video

9/30/2010 When Good Laws Go Bad: College Sports and Title IX  audio  video
9/29/2010 Supreme Court Preview: What Is in Store for October Term 2010?  audio  video
9/28/2010 Washington Supreme Court Position 6: A Debate  audio  video
9/21/2010 North Carolina Appellate Judicial Candidates Forum  audio  video
9/17/2010 U.S. Supreme Court Review featuring Paul D. Clement  audio  video
9/9/2010 The Law of McDonald's: Spilled Coffee, Obesity Laws, and Prank Phone Calls audio video
9/7/2010 North Carolina Judicial Candidate Forum  audio  video
9/1/2010 Do Class Action Lawyers Make Too Much Money?  audio  video
8/5/2010 The Individual Health Care Mandate and Enumerated Powers  audio  video
7/27/2010 Address by Judge Diane Sykes  audio  video
7/12/2010 The International Criminal Court After Kampala: Should the United States Change its Relationship with the ICC?  audio  video
7/9/2010 2010 Annual Supreme Court Round Up  audio  video
6/15/2010 Shakespeare''s Henry V and the Law and War  audio  video
6/15/2010 Regulatory Authority in the EPA  audio  video
5/19/2010 California’s 17200 - Its Use and Abuse  audio  video
5/3/2010 Climate Policy Heats Up: What’s Not Cool About Global Warming Regulations  audio  video
4/14/2010 Christian Legal Society v. Martínez  audio  video
4/13/2010 The Scurvy of Hollywood: International Film Piracy and the Pirate Bay Cases  audio  video
4/1/2010 Georgetown Student Chapter''s Seventh Annual Lifetime Service Award: Natural Law In Ancient and Modern Guise  audio  video
3/23/2010 Trying Alleged Terrorists in U.S. Courts  video
3/3/2010 The FCC''s Authority to Promulgate Internet Traffic Rules  audio  video
3/2/2010 We Still Hold These Truths: Self-Government & the Founders'' Constitution  audio  video
2/26/2010 - 2/27/2010 2010 Annual Student Symposium - "Originalism 2.0"  audio  video
2/22/2010 The Financial Crisis: Will More Governmental Stimulus and Regulation Save Our Economy?  audio  video
2/22/2010 From Guantanamo Bay to Thomson, Illinois: A Debate on the Detention and Prosecution of Alleged Terrorists in 2010 and Beyond  audio  video
2/16/2010 The Great Health Care Debate: Is Nationalized Health Care the Cure for America?  audio  video
2/8/2010 Balancing Individual Rights and National Security  audio  video
1/27/2010 2010 Health Care Reform Legislation  audio  video
1/27/2010 Will Trying Suspected Terrorists in Federal Court Advance the Interests of Justice and National Security?  audio  video
1/27/2010 The War on Terror: Where Are We Now? Where Do We Go from Here?  audio  video
1/8/2010 12th Annual Faculty Conference  audio  video


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