In Memoriam: Robert H. Bork


Robert H. Bork1927-2012

The Federalist Society extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Judge Robert H. Bork.

Judge Bork was a legal giant, and a man of unsurpassed integrity, intellect, courage, and kindness. Since the inception of the Federalist Society he has been a very special friend, inspiration, and intellectual guiding light.

Our nation owes Judge Bork an enormous debt of gratitude for his irrepressible and forceful defense of the Constitution as it was written and understood by our Founding Fathers, pioneering a jurisprudence of original meaning that has had enormous influence in the legal academy as well as in the courts.

The many leaders and members of the Federalist Society who had the privilege of knowing Judge Bork certainly feel a sense loss at this time. The Judge’s unparalleled wisdom and wonderful wit will be missed. Fortunately much of it will endure through his enormous body of published writings, speeches and lectures that future generations can enjoy and profit from.

Robert Bork's contributions and achievements are already a part of the fabric of our country. His memory and legacy live on, and, we hope, will further help to preserve America’s exceptional commitment to limited, constitutional government and the rule of law.


Judge Robert H. Bork Tribute Video

In 2007, as part of its 25th anniversary, the Federalist Society presented a full-day conference honoring Judge Bork and his contributions to the law. The above tribute video was presented during the conference luncheon on June 26, 2007. The conference also featured a live conversation with Judge Bork, conducted by Judge A. Raymond Randolph, and panel discussions on Judge Bork's contributions in the areas of International Law, Law and Culture, Judicial Philosophy, and Antitrust Law. You can watch videos of the panels and the interview here.

During the 2003 National Lawyers Convention, Judge Bork delivered the Third Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture. You can view the transcript here.

Additional writings by Judge Bork can be found here.