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Multimedia from Past Federalist Society Events 2011

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Event Audio/VideoThis podcast series contains audio and video files of Federalist Society panel discussions, debates, addresses, and other events related to law and public policy. 





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Date Event Title
12/8/2011 The Obama Justice Department, the 2012 Elections and the Rule of Law audio video
11/14/2011 Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights Against Progressive Reform  audio video 
11/10/2011 -
2011 National Lawyers Convention audio video
11/4/2011 Silenced: Are Global Trends to Ban Religious Defamation, Religious Insult, and Islamophobia a New Challenge to First Amendment Freedoms?  audio video
10/25/2011 A Debate Over the Constitutionality of the Health Care audio video
10/20/2011 The Future of Business Law in Mexico audio video
10/6/2011 Discussion on the Legal and Constitutional Issues Concerning the Dodd-Frank Act audio
9/27/2011 Supreme Court Preview: What Is In Store for October Term 2011? audio video
9/19/2011 The Google Review: Regulation of Search Results and More audio video
9/15/2011 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Program audio video
8/18/2011 Defending the Defense of Marriage Act audio
7/27/2011 The Extra-Judicial Activities of Supreme Court Justices: Is Reform Needed?  audio
7/19/2011 2010-2011 Supreme Court Review with Gregory G. Katsas  video
7/14/2011 Separation of Powers: Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision Upholding the Collective Bargaining Law audio video


2011 Annual Supreme Court Round Up audio video

6/28/2011 Cyber Security, National Security and Economic Security audio video


Minority Religious Communities at Risk  audio  video 

6/9/2011 School Choice, Religious Freedom, and the Constitution(s) audio


6/9/2011 The First Amendment Online: Search, Privacy & Personalization audio video

Patent Enforcement in the 21st Century  audio




U.S. v. Microsoft, 10 Years Later: Who Won, Who Lost, and Did It Matter?  audio  video

4/19/2011 Predator Drones, Targeted Killings and the Law of Armed Conflict audio video

New Conscience Regulations from the Department of Health & Human Services: Do They Strike the Right Balance Between Conscience and the Medical Profession?  audio  video

4/6/2011 Domestic & Legal Issues Arising from American Intervention in Libya  audio  video
3/22/2011 Should U.S. Courts Ignore International Law? audio video
3/21/2011 The Future of Regulatory Review  audio  video
3/10/2011 Debate on Obamacare  audio
3/10/2011 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  audio  video
3/9/2011 Honest Services Fraud: What's Left?  audio
3/8/2011 Hydrocracking and Shale Drilling: A Discussion on Natural Gas Drilling and Its Implications on the Economy, the Environment and the Law  audio  video
3/3/2011 Attorney General Selection in Tennessee  audio  video
2/25/2011 - 2/26/2011  2011 Annual Student Symposium - "Capitalism, Markets, and the Constitution"  audio  video
2/22/2011 The Future of Judicial Selection in Iowa  audio  video
2/15/2011 Foxes, Drugs, WMDs, and YouTube: What Kind of Property is Intellectual Property?  audio
1/26/2011 The Constitutionality of the Federal Health Care Law  audio  video
1/18/2011 The FTC and the Internet  audio  video
1/7/2011 13th Annual Faculty Conference  audio  video


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