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Practice Groups PodcastsThis series of podcasts features experts who analyze the latest developments in the legal and policy world. The podcasts are in the form of monologues, podcast debates or panel discussions and vary in length. The Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speakers. We hope these broadcasts, like all of our programming, will serve to stimulate discussion and further exchange regarding important current legal issues. We invite listeners to share their responses, thoughts and criticisms by writing to us at


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Date Practice Group Podcast Title

Financial Services & E-Commerce

Debating the Volcker Rule



International & National Security Law

NSA Court Decision


Federalism & Separation of Powers

Changing the Rules: The Senate Filibuster



Telecommunications & Electronic Media

A Conversation with Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen



Environmental Law & Property Rights

EPA in the US Supreme Court: EPA v. EME Homer City Generation



Financial Services & E-Commerce

Pension Reform: The Road Forward

All Practice Groups

Drone Delivery Service

Civil Rights

Mt. Holly Settlement
11/22/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure Civil Asset Forfeiture
11/22/2013 Labor & Employment Law Limits of Labor Law: UNITE HERE v. Mulhall
11/21/2013 Intellectual Property Patent Re-reform in Congress
11/20/2013 Intellectual Property Burden of Proof in the World of Patents: Medtronic v. Boston Scientific
11/19/2013 Environmental Law & Property Rights Sagebrush Rebel - Reagan's Environmental Legacy
11/13/2013 Administrative Law & Regulation Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets
11/12/2013 Religious Liberties Town of Greece  v. Galloway: Establishment or Free Exercise?
11/11/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure, Federalism & Separation of Powers, and International & National Security Law U.S. v. Bond: Expanding Congress’ Power?
11/11/2013 Labor & Employment Law Supreme Court to Define the Word "Clothes"
11/6/2013 Telecommunications & Electronic Media The FCC and the States: A Division of Authority
11/6/2013 Administrative Law & Regulation Government Transparency and FOIA
10/18/2013 Litigation An Originalist Take on Diversity Jurisdiction
10/17/2013 Civil Rights Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action Oral Argument Courthouse Steps
10/17/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure and Civil Rights Ongoing 7th Circuit Gun Litigation
10/14/2013 Federalism & Separation of Powers Debt Ceiling Deadline
10/14/2013 Administrative Law & Regulation Terms of Engagement
10/14/2013 Free Speech & Election Law Courthouse Steps: McCutcheon v. FEC Oral Arguments
10/7/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure and Free Speech & Election Law DeLay v. Texas: Prosecutorial Overreach?
10/7/2013 Administrative Law & Regulation The Bucks Start Here
9/27/2013 Federalism & Separation of Powers Dumbing Down the Courts
9/25/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure Border Searches, National Security, and the Reasonable Expectation of Digital Privacy
9/20/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure Challenges to Illinois Gun Control: People v. Aguilar
9/17/2013 Environmental Law & Property Rights Unresolved Takings Questions Following the October 2012 Supreme Court Term
9/11/2013 Telecommunications & Electronic Media FCC Regulation of the Internet: Verizon v. FCC Courthouse Steps Teleforum
9/11/2013 Civil Rights and Religious Liberties Anti-discrimination and Individual Liberties: Elane Photography v. Willock
9/9/2013 Environmental Law & Property Rights and Administrative Law & Regulation Is EPA's NAAQS Process Inexorably Monotonic?
9/9/2013 Telecommunications & Electronic Media A Conversation with Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai
9/3/2013 Criminal Law & Procedure Is Eric Holder Right About Mandatory Minimums?
8/29/2013 Federalism & Separation of Powers and International & National Security Law Syria and the President’s Authority to Intervene
8/28/2013 Administrative Law &
8/28/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights and
Administrative Law &
Energy and the Executive: Yucca Mountain and the Separation
of Powers
8/13/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights and
Financial Services &
E- Commerce

 City of Richmond: The Next Kelo?
8/2/2013 Federalism &
Separation of Powers and
Religious Liberties
The Court Decides: The Prop 8 and DOMA Cases
7/31/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights

Recent Developments in Public Use Law
7/31/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
The Court Decides: Property Rights and Koontz v.
St. Johns River Water Management District
7/29/2013 Civil Rights and Free Speech &
Election Law
Shelby County Going Forward
7/29/2013 Administrative Law &
FOIA Update
7/29/2013 International &
National Security Law

Bulk Data Collection and the NSA
7/16/2013 Civil Rights Supreme Court Update: Fisher v. University of Texas
at Austin
7/11/2013 Intellectual Property The Myriad Decision and Patented Innovation in the
Biotech Industry
7/11/2013 International &
National Security Law
Who Runs the Internet? The Role of Nations, NGOs,
and the UN in International Internet Governance, and
What It Means for International and National Security
7/2/2013 Financial Services &
Due Process in the Banking Industry
7/2/2013 Civil Rights The Growing Use of Disparate Impact Analysis
6/28/2013 Civil Rights Debate on Fisher and Shelby County
6/27/2013 All Practice Groups Supreme Court Update: June 20 Decisions
6/27/2013 Intellectual Property Patenting Human DNA: The Court's Decision
6/27/2013 All Practice Groups Supreme Court Update: June 17 Decisions
6/25/2013 Criminal Law &
The Supreme Court Rules: Collection of DNA
6/21/2013 Federalism &
Separation of Powers
The Internal Revenue Service
6/13/2013 Administrative Law &
City of Arlington - How Much Deference?
6/4/2013 Criminal Law &
Drawing Blood from a Drunk Driving Suspect: Missouri v. McNeely
6/4/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
Conservative Principles for Environmental Reform
6/4/2013 Labor &
Employment Law
New Department of Labor "Persuader" Rule: A Threat
to Lawyers and Clients?
6/3/2013 Intellectual Property The Seed Patent Case: Bowman v. Monsanto
6/3/2013 Intellectual Property The State of the Patent System: A Discussion with
Chief Judge Rader
6/3/2013 Federalism &
Separation of Powers
and Litigation
Judge Robert H. Bork: His Life and Legacy
6/3/2013 Free Speech &
Election Law
Corporate Disclosure After Citizens United: Legislation, Regulation, and Shareholder Resolutions
5/30/2013 Civil Rights Is There a War on Women?
5/29/2013 International &
National Security Law
Cybersecurity -- Information Sharing, Privacy,
Regulation, and Reason
5/22/2013 International &
National Security Law
After Chávez: Restoring the Rule of Law in Venezuela
5/21/2013 Litigation Raisin Growers Go to Court: Horne v. USDA
5/21/2013 Administrative Law &
First Steps on Immigration Reform? The Military
Enlistment Opportunity Act of 2013
5/20/2013 Intellectual Property What's Next for Copyright Enforcement? Rogue Sites
and Other Challenges
5/20/2013 Intellectual Property Copyright and Commercialization after Kirtsaeng v.
John Wiley & Sons
5/17/2013 Administrative Law &
Improving the Use of Science for Policy
5/17/2013 Criminal Law &
Marijuana: Examining the Tensions Between State
and Federal Laws
5/14/2013 Intellectual Property DNA and Patents: Association for Molecular Pathology
v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.
5/14/2013 Litigation Litigation Alert: Amgen: A Pyrrhic Victory For Plaintiffs
in Securities Class Actions?
5/13/2013 International &
National Security Law and Litigation
What is Left of the Alien Tort Statute after Kiobel v.
Royal Dutch Petroleum
5/13/2013 International &
National Security Law
For the Sake of National Security: Plugging in the Leaks
5/9/2013 Professional Responsibility & Legal
Controlling Legal Practice: Public Ownership of Stock
in Law Firms
5/9/2013 Financial Services &
Too Big to Prosecute?
5/7/2013 International Law &
National Security
The Boston Terrorist Attack and Strategic Intelligence
5/7/2013 Labor &
Employment Law
NLRB Posting Regulations
5/7/2013 Administrative Law &
Cost and Benefits of FY 2012 Regulations
5/6/2013 Internantional &
National Security Law
Al-Qaeda in the United States: A Complete Analysis
of Terrorism Offences
5/6/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
What to Expect When No One is Expecting
5/3/2013 International &
National Security Law
The Pentagon, the National Security Agency, and
Domestic Cybersecurity
5/2/2013 Religious Liberties Using the Schools After Hours? Not a Prayer
5/2/2013 Labor &
Employment Law
The NLRB and Class Action Waivers: D.R. Horton
5/1/2013 Litigation Arbitration and Class Actions in the Supreme Court:
American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant
4/29/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights and
Intellectual Property
The Seeds of Patent Law: Bowman v. Monsanto
4/29/2013 Religious Liberties HHS "Contraceptive" Mandate - Litigation Update
4/25/2013 Administrative Law &
Should There Be an Internet Sales Tax?
4/17/2013 All Practice Groups Federalist Society’s Executive Branch Review Project: A Teleforum with Senator Mike Lee and David McIntosh
4/17/2013 Civil Rights The Voting Rights Act in the Supreme Court: Shelby
County v. Holder
4/12/2013 Federalism, Financial
Services, Labor, & Litigation
The Limits of Recess Appointment Authority
4/12/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
Deference to the EPA? Georgia-Pacific West, Inc. v.
Northwest Environmental Defense Center
4/8/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
Greenhouse Gases: Massachusetts v. EPA Revisited
4/4/2013 Criminal Law &
Is American Justice Blind, Or Blind To A "Prosecutocracy"?
4/4/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
Water Access Rights: City of Tombstone v. USA, et al
4/3/2013 Criminal Law &
Your DNA: Maryland v. King
4/3/2013 Criminal Law &
Gun Control: Assessing Constitutionality and Effectiveness
4/1/2013 Civil Rights and
Criminal Law &
Controlling Gun Control?: The Seventh Circuit Steps In
4/1/2013 Free Speech &
Election Law
Setting Voter Rules: Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council
of Arizona
3/28/2013 Corporations, Securities & Antitrust
Financial Services &
The Death of Corporate Reputation
3/27/2013 Religious Liberties DOMA in the Supreme Court
3/26/13 Religious Liberties Proposition 8 in the Supreme Court
3/25/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
The EPA's Anticipated Attempt to Regulate Greenhouse
Gas Emissions from Existing Power Plants
3/25/2013 Financial Services &
Bad History, Worse Policy
3/22/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
Limits on Government Regulation of Real Property:
Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District
3/19/2013 International &
National Security Law
Cybersecurity And the Chinese Hacker Problem
3/13/2013 International &
National Security Law
The Use of Lethal Force on U.S. Citizens
3/4/2013 Financial Services &
The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure
3/4/2013 Financial Services &
Dodd-Frank Litigation Update: Amended Complaint
2/27/2013 Federalism &
Separation of Powers
The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for
Free Enterprise
2/25/2013 Litigation The Class Action Fairness Act goes to Court:
Standard Fire Insurance Co. v. Knowles
2/25/2013 Intellectual Property Patent Licensing - A Detriment or Key to Innovation?
2/25/2013 Administrative Law & Regulation Who Determines Agency Jurisdiction?: City of
Arlington v. FCC
2/20/2013 Criminal Law &
Cybersecurity and "Hacking Back"
2/7/2013 Labor &
Employment Law
Judicial Challenges to the NLRB Recess Appointments 
2/7/2013 Environmental Law &
Property Rights
The Future of Publicly Owned Lands
1/25/2013 Financial Services &
Noel Canning Decision on Recess Appointments


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