Multimedia from Past Federalist Society Events 2012

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Event Audio/VideoThis podcast series contains audio and video files of Federalist Society panel discussions, debates, addresses, and other events related to law and public policy. 





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Date Event Title
12/12/12 The Death of Jurisprudence? audio video
12/6/2012 Private Attorneys and the War on Terror audio video
11/15/2012 -
2012 National Lawyers Convention - "The Future of U.S. Constitutional Law in the Supreme Court" video
11/8/2012 When States Go Broke video
10/24/2012 Internet Search, Antitrust and Speech audio video
10/19/2012 Uncommon Knowledge with Justice Antonin Scalia  video
10/11/2012 Ledbetter and Beyond: Does the Media Oversimplify Gender Issues? audio video
10/3/2012 Who's Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk audio video
9/27/2012 Wisconsin Supreme Court Review and Preview audio video
9/27/2012 Supreme Court Preview: What Is in Store for October Term 2012? audio video
9/12/2012 The Constitution Turns 225 with Clarence Thomas audio video
9/11/2012 35 Years of Retention Elections of Appellate Court Judges in Florida: Has the System Measured Up?  audio video
7/6/2012 2012 Annual Supreme Court Round Up audio video
5/22/2012 Was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a Proper Exercise of Congressional Authority Under the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause?  video
5/10/2012 Targeting US Citizens with Drones, Is Anywhere Safe? audio
5/9/2012 Liberty's Refuge: The Forgotten Freedom of Assembly video
4/19/2012 Taming Globalization: International Law, the U.S. Constitution, and the New World Order  video
4/17/2012 Healthcare Reform in the Supreme Court: An Insider Perspective on the Historic Constitutional Challenge to President Obama's Healthcare Legislation  audio video
4/5/2012 2012 National Security Symposium audio video
4/3/2012 How the Supreme Court Has Subverted the Constitution audio video 
3/29/2012 The Case Against Public Sector Unions audio
3/21/2012 Power and Constraint: The Accountable Presidency After 9/11  video
3/21/2012 Obamacare in the Supreme Court  audio video
3/14/2012 Antitrust Enforcement as Regulation?  audio video
3/2/2012 -
2012 Annual Student Symposium - "Bureaucracy Unbound: Can Limited Government and the Administrative State Co-Exist?"  audio video
3/2/2012 The Case for Right to Work Laws  audio
3/1/2012 The Right to Work: Right or Wrong for Michigan? audio video
2/29/2012 Voter Identification and the Right to Vote  audio video
2/22/2012 Is the Affordable Care Act Constitutional?  audio video
2/16/2012 Judicial Selection in North Carolina  audio video
2/16/2012 The Volcker Rule: Curbing Risk or Curbing the Economy?  audio video
1/28/2012 Sixth Annual Western Conference  audio
1/10/2012 The Case Against Indiana's Methods of Selecting Judges  audio
1/5/2012 -
14th Annual Faculty Conference  audio  video


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