Practice Groups Podcasts from 2009

Practice Groups PodcastsThis series of podcasts features experts who analyze the latest developments in the legal and policy world. The podcasts are in the form of monologues, podcast debates or panel discussions and vary in length. The Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speakers. We hope these broadcasts, like all of our programming, will serve to stimulate discussion and further exchange regarding important current legal issues. We invite listeners to share their responses, thoughts and criticisms by writing to us at


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  Date Practice Group Podcast Title
 11/11/2009 Civil Rights The Akaka Bill
 10/22/2009 Environmental Law National Cotton Council v. EPA and NPDES Permits
 10/7/2009 Free Speech Fair Elections Now Act 
 9/30/2009 Intellectual Property  Quanta: Patent Rights in the Supreme Court
 9/25/2009 Environmental Law Should Vehicle Fuel Emissions Standard Be More Strict? Why and How? 
 8/5/2009 Administrative Law Internet Sales Tax 
 8/4/2009 Civil Rights Race-Based Attack on the SAT II
 7/30/2009 Civil Rights School Vouchers 
 7/29/2009 Civil Rights ACLU of New Mexico, et al. v. Santillanes
 7/28/2009 Administrative Law University Endowments Spending and Tax Policy
 7/24/2009 Financial Services A Conversation on Proposed Systemic Risk Regulation 
 7/23/2009 Civil Rights Rothe Development Corp. v. Department of Defense


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