The Templeton Debate and Lecture Series on Freedom 2008-2009

Student Division

The John Templeton Foundation has generously partnered with The Federalist Society to support debates and lectures sponsored by the Society’s student chapters at law schools across America. These programs touch on many of the most important questions in contemporary legal discourse.

The Federalist Society is pleased to provide audio and visual recordings of the following representative Templeton-supported programs sponsored by student chapters in the past school year.

Free Exercise and Religious Jurisprudence

--Jeremy Gunn v. Jeff Shafer on the role of religion in the public square at George Mason University

--Prof. Patrick Garry on the Establishment Clause at the University of Wisconsin (MP3)

Prof. Patrick Garry, with commentary by Gary Daniel of the Ohio ACLU, on the Establishment Clause at Ohio State University (Windows Media Video)

--Prof. George Dent, with commentary by Prof. Lisa Greene, on religious liberty and gay rights at the University of Wisconsin (MP3)

Law and the Formation of Character 

--Patrick Gillen and Mickey Craig on Federalism and Anti-Federalism at Ave Maria

The Rule of Law and Wealth Creation

--Prof. Andrew Morriss, with commentary by Prof. Nicholas Johnson, on “Free Markets: Friends or Foes of the Environment” at Fordham University

--Prof. Donald Boudreaux v. Prof. Richard Squire on “To Stimulate or Not to Stimulate” at Fordham University

--Profs. Robert Ellickson and Tom Merrill with IJ’s Clark Neily on the takings clause at Yale (Quicktime Movie)

--CATO’s Roger Pilon v. Prof. Donald Hornstein on private property rights and environmental protection at UNC (MP3) 

--Profs. Dixon, Henderson, Chandler, and Blair discussing the financial crisis at the University of Chicago (MP3)

--Prof. Richard Epstein, with commentary by Prof. Steven Thel, on The Economic Crisis at Fordham University

--AEI’s Peter Wallison and Prof. Arthur on the financial crisis at Rutgers-Camden (hosted on Rutgers-Camden School of Law web site)

--Prof. Jonathan Macey on the economic crisis at Harvard (MP3)

--Prof. Jon Alder and Prof. Joseph Tomain on environmental protection and private property rights at the University of Cincinnati

--Prof. Thom Lambert on federal bailout policy at Drake (MP3)

Creativity, the Knowledge Economy, and Intellectual Property

Prof. David Friedman, with commentary by attorney Kohel Haver, on “Encryption, Strong Privacy, and the Death of Copyright “ at Lewis & Clark (hosted on Lewis & Clark Law School web site)


With generous support from

The John Templeton Foundation