Responses to the Task Force on Presidential Signing Statements

  • To read a copy of the ABA Task Force Report, click HERE. (PDF).
  • Listen to/read an explanation of the Report from Bruce Fein, who served as a member of the Task Force and as former Deputy Associate Attorney General, click HERE.
  • University of Chicago Law Professor Richard Epstein identified in an op-ed some of the "troubling" aspects to President Bush's use of the practice, click HERE.
  • Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein of The Brookings Institution explain the "threat," click HERE.
  • To read a critique written by a number of prominent conservatives, click HERE.
  • Testimony from the Federalist Society Chairman, Professor Stephen Calabresi, click HERE.
  • The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board came out in defense of the practice, click HERE.
  • Professor Robert Turner, former three-term chairman of both the ABA's Standing Committee on Law and National Security and the Committee on Executive-Congressional Relations of the ABA section on International Law and Practice, criticized the Report, click HERE.