SCOTUScast 5-27-08 featuring Elizabeth Harmer Dionne

United States v. Williams

May 27, 2008

Elizabeth Harmer Dionne

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Bio for Elizabeth Harmer Dionne

On May 19th, the Supreme Court decided United States v. Williams.  The Court ruled that section 2252A(a)(3)(B) of Title 18 U.S.C., which prohibits knowingly advertising, promoting, presenting, distributing or soliciting material in a manner that reflects the belief, or is intended to cause another to believe, that the material is illegal child pornography, is not overly broad or impermissibly vague, and thus is not facially unconstitutional.  Harvard Law Olin Fellow Elizabeth Harmer Dionne discusses the case. 


Oral Argument - January 9, 2008:


Decision - May 19, 2008:


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