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SCOTUScast 11-2-07 featuring Stephen McAllister

Danforth v. Minnesota

November 2, 2007

Stephen R. McAllister

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 SCOTUScast 11-2-07 featuring Stephen McAllister - MP3
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Bio for Stephen McAllister

On October 31st, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Danforth v. Minnesota.  The Court was asked to consider whether state supreme courts are required to use the standard announced in Teague v. Lane, 489 U.S. 288 (1989), to determine whether United States Supreme Court decisions apply retroactively to state-court criminal cases, or may a state court apply state-law- or state-constitution-based retroactivity tests that afford application of Supreme Court decisions to a broader class of criminal defendants than the class defined by Teague.  In this episode of SCOTUScast, Professor Stephen McAllister of Kansas University Law School discusses the case.


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