SCOTUScast 2-26-08 featuring Rae Vann

CBOCS West v. Humphries

February 26, 2008

Rae T. Vann

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 SCOTUScast 2-26-08 featuring Rae Vann - MP3
Running Time: 00:06:05

Bio for Rae Vann

On February 20, 2008 the Supreme Court heard oral argument in CBOCS West v. Humphries, on whether employees may bring race retaliation claims under 42 USC 1981. In this episode of SCOTUScast, Rae Vann, General Counsel for the Equal Employment Advisory Council discusses the case.


PLEASE NOTE: Rae Van only discusses CBOCS West v. Humphries in this podcast rather than CBOCS West and Gomez-Perez v. Potter, as is mentioned in the introduction.  We apologize for any confusion.



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