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Margaret A. Little Reviews Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses by Theodore Dalrymple

March 4, 2006

Margaret A. Little

Theodore Dalrymple, the pen name of a British doctor and writer, has justly been recognized as one of the most insightful cultural and social critics of our time. In his new collection of essays, Dalrymple examines world culture, spanning the globe from the slums and prisons of modern Britain to Third World relief operations to the Asian subcontinent to the Muslim suburbs of Paris. It is seen through the lens of literature, social criticism, artistic display, popular culture, the clash of transplanted cultures, philosophy and economics, ranging from Shakespeare to Marx, Orwell to Keynes, Turgenev to Woolf....

Margaret A. Little Reviews "Our Culture, What's Left of it" by Theodore Dalrymple  

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