Bottleneckers: The Origins of Occupational Licensing and What Can Be Done About Its Excesses

Federalist Society Review, Volume 18
Dick M. Carpenter, Ph.D. June 26, 2017
Abstract Businessman in Red tape

Dick Carpenter critically discusses economic regulation in general and occupational licensing in particular. He goes on to discuss Professor Randy Barnett’s theory that the Constitution should be interpreted to protect economic liberty, then proposes one way legislatures can protect economic liberty without sacrificing the public good. [Read Now]

A Modest Proposal for the Reduction of the Size of the Federal Judiciary by Two-Thirds

Federalist Society Review, Volume 18
Brian M. Cogan June 05, 2017

This is the first article in a new Commentary section in the Federalist Society Review. In this section, we will feature interesting ideas and provocative proposals related to the legal profession. Here, a federal district judge tells us from his point of view of a few simple things Congress could do to dramatically reduce federal judges’ caseloads—largely by moving more state law-based cases into state court. [Read Now]